Our Story

In the earlier part of 2013 my wife mentioned she wished there was a shave ice place in Santa Barbara. I had never had a shave ice so I asked "you mean like a snow cone?" She laughed and explained shave ice is MUCH better than a snow cone. Having never experienced shave ice, I really didn't know the difference. In March of 2014 I took a vacation to Maui with my wife and daugther. On the second day of our trip my wife suggested we go get shave ice.... I've been hooked ever since.


After returning home from that vacation it didn't take long before I purchased my first ice shaver and began attempting to make my own syrups.  My good friend Marek was intrigued by my new obsession and shared interest in bringing shave ice to Santa Barbara. The two of us spent countless hours experimenting and documenting our findings. I'm sure glad we did because we now have the opportunity to share ParadICE with you!

- Lee

Meet The Team

Lee Jacobs - ParadICE Shave Ice

Lee Jacobs


Born and raised in the Goodland of Goleta, I've been business minded for as long as I can remember. During high school and college I worked in the service industry. In 2010 I graduated from Cal State Northridge with degrees in business administration and finance. My business philosophy is simple. Provide a great product or service at a fair price and back it up with world class customer service. 


I am excited to bring authentic Hawaiian shave ice to our community. Whether you've lived here your whole life or you are here on vacation, I hope you take time to enjoy ParadICE.


Forever Forward


- Lee

Marek Nold - ParadICE Shave Ice

Marek Nold


A California native from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. I've had an entrepreneurial spirit since selling popcorn and lemonade on the corner as a kid. My passion for travel, business and food lead me to receive a BA in International Business, enjoy life abroad as well as invest in a restaurant in Argentina. 


ParadICE embodies my love for the ocean, my family, a healthly lifestyle and positive vibes. You can catch me longboarding at Leadbetter, making music in my home studio or hangin' with friends and family.


I look forward to sharing our treat with you!