Shave Ice

ParadICE shave ice is a delicious island inspired treat tantalizing your taste buds from the first to last bite. We start by freezing blocks of purified water. When the ice is ready, we use a block shaver to shave super fluffy snow like ice into a bowl. Then we pour our delicious homemade syrups over the top. If you like ice cream we recommend adding a scoop of ice cream on the bottom of your shave ice to create a creamy base. You can also choose from a few toppings such as sweet condensed milk, homemade coconut cream, strawberries, organic local honey, etc..







How It Works


Start with ice cream base...


Prep for deliciousness...


Add tasty toppings, such as fresh mango...


Shave super soft ice...


Add the flavors...



...and more toppings...

Products We Use

At ParadICE we do our part to respect our planet by using biodegradable cups, spoons, straws and 100% recycled napkins.

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