Shave Ice

ParadICE shave ice is a delicious island inspired treat tantalizing your taste buds from the first to last bite. We start by freezing blocks of purified water. When the ice is ready, we use a block shaver to shave super fluffy snow like ice into a traditional flower cup. Then we pour our delicious homemade syrups over the top. If you like ice cream we recommend adding a scoop of ice cream on the bottom of your shave ice to create a creamy base. You can also choose from a few toppings such as Sno-Cap (sweet condensed milk), organic coconut shavings, mochi, and/or Tajin.







How It Works


Step 1: Want ice cream?

Step 3: Add up to 3 flavors...

...add toppings for the full experience!

Step 2: Watch the snow fall...

Step 4: Enjoy the essential ParadICE shave ice without toppings or you can...

...Sno-cap, mochi and organic coconut shavings... mmmm

Products We Use

Here at ParadICE we do our part to respect our planet by using biodegradable cups, spoons, straws and 100% recycled napkins.